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-- When I first got internet access and tried to find local information, I found little. I found something here, and something there, and thought, "I bet others are doing the same thing". It was this interest that started the website. And so, as a new community was born in Pennsylvania in January 2000, so was an online community. is a site dedicated to Northern Cambria, PA, the consolidated community of Barnesboro and Spangler, and its surrounding areas throughout Northern Cambria County.
-- Our online community currently contains, Borough Information, Community Calendar, a Guestbook, a brief History of Northern Cambria, a Local Links / Website Directory (you can add a link to your page! Or, add your email address here so others can find you!), information on how to contact us, and a whole lot more!
You'll also find links to surrounding communities. These will be links to pages similar to the Northern Cambria home page. Unfortunately, many of those links don't have any information yet, sorry, but feel free to submit something! We hope to grow more each day with the help of our online family, friends and neighbors. Residents, local governments and organizations are encouraged to submit information to our site, so that those of the area can be up to date on the latest news, changes and information regarding the communities we share. It is our hope that this site can serve as a starting point for your internet experience as well as a place to get information on area news, events, and the things that interest you. If you have any ideas, let us know. We'd like to be your official website. Be sure to book mark our site, or better yet, set your internet browser to start up on
-- If you have something you would like to contribute to, or would like information on linking a site, adding your home page, having a web site designed or want to help sponsor a page on our site,
drop us a line and we'll be glad to help you with any information you need. Please come back, and keep up to date on the latest area news and events.

Thanks! Lori :-)

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-- We at want to contribute to your online experience. We will consider adding pages for any suggested topics or interests. But we need your help. We aren't sure what you want! Would you like to see a particular addition? Have some ideas? What do you like to see in the newspaper? We can add those same things here. E-mail us and let us know. We appreciate hearing from our online friends.



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